Pet Boarding

Your pet’s home away from home!
We have purposely limited the size of our boarding facilities in order to provide our clients with the very best facilities and close staff supervision for your pets. We emphasized quality over quantity, and this enables Whitestone Animal Hospital employees to give your pets a personal service that we can be proud of. Please note: proof of vaccines must be provided. Please click the toggles below to learn more. (Pictures will be coming soon!)
We provide your kitty with their own suite in an area away from dogs. Our climate controlled cat hotel offers your furry friend with an area that has quiet music and essential oil diffusers to help de-stress during their stay. Each room has shelves to climb on, a large litter box, a place to hide and a private window with a hammock to lounge and look down on the world outside.

Vaccine Requirements: Rabies, FVRCP (distemper)


Large dogs or multiple small dogs are provided runs in a climate controlled wing with natural light, glass doors, so we don’t have to worry about noses being rubbed or dogs chewing on cage wires, and a staff that makes sure their every need is taken care of.  Your pups are provided walks outside in our fenced yard multiple times a day, brushed, and their weight is closely monitored.

We have an area just for small dogs where they are provided a suite away from the larger breeds.  They have individual rooms with a solid gate and no roof so that they don’t feel like they are in a cage. The small dog area is climate controlled, has good natural light, and there is soft music with essential oil diffusers in the background.

Exercise includes a walk/free run in our fenced grass yard under the trees. A kiddie pool may be included for some dogs in the summer. We also can provide indoor playroom when it is raining outside. When it is to hot for the breeds who are not heat tolerant, and for those little dogs that refuse to go outside if the grass is wet!

Vaccine Requirements:

Rabies, DHPP (distemper) and Bordetella (kennel cough)
Influenza (Dog Flu vaccine) It is currently recommended for boarding, but not required. The H3N2 canine influenza vaccine requires an initial two vaccine series given 3-4 weeks apart and a yearly booster to maintain effectiveness.)
Extras while boarding:

Pets with chronic illnesses are welcome to stay. There is no extra charge for medications given twice a day. Pets with extra special needs, such as diabetics, post-surgery patients, eye patients requiring complicated medications, etc., are welcome, but we do have an extra $5 fee to cover the employee/doctor time needed with these patients.

Additional services:

Baths before they go home: $35-$55, depending on size (medicated baths have an additional fee)
Nail Trims: $25
Anal gland expression: $22

Request an appointment:

Please submit an appointment request below if you would like to schedule your pet for boarding, or call our front desk at 512-359-8387. You should get a confirmation email back within 48-72 hours. If you do not hear from us, please get in touch with the front desk. If you need emergency boarding, please get in touch with the front desk.

We require a $50 deposit for holidays that is nonrefundable within 48 hours of the boarding date.

Pick-up should be done before 2:30 pm. If you need a later pick-up, there will be an additional fee.

Once you have had your boarding appointment confirmed, please click to either download and print the boarding form and bring it with you when you come in, or you can email it to us at [email protected].

Ready for a stay?
Please complete the Boarding Form below before your pet’s stay with us.
* Completing this form does not qualify as scheduling a boarding appointment.
We do flea checks and will treat your pet with Capstar ($6) if fleas are found.
Pick-up should be done before 2:30 pm. If you need a later pick-up, there will be an additional fee.

Additional Services

$35-$55, depending on size (medicated baths have an additional fee)

Belongings left with your pet

We cherish your pet as though they were family.


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