Quick diagnosis leads to quick treatment.

Radiology: Your pet may require x-rays to check on causes of abdominal pain, broken bones, to see if it ate something it shouldn’t have, checking for asthma, heart failure or pneumonia. We have an in-house digital x-ray machine of superior quality where we can get images immediately. We work with board-certified radiologists where we can have the images sent off and results returned to us in 1-2 days.

Blood Analysis: The list of testing that we can do is extensive. Basic tests can be run in-house with results in our hands within minutes. Other tests we send out to our reference lab and get results either next day or in a few days. Occasionally your pet may need a specialized test, and we have accounts with those labs as well.

In-house tests include:

  • Chemistry Panel: Screens for a variety of diseases that can affect your pet’s internal organs such as kidney and liver disease, diabetes and electrolyte and protein imbalances.
  • CBC (Complete Blood Count): Tests your pet’s red and white blood cells and platelets. This test can indicate anemia, infections, autoimmune disease, and some cancers.
  • FELV/FIV: Two infectious diseases in cats that they get from their mother or from fluid contact with other cats. These diseases are curable, but they are manageable.
  • Heartworm: A few drops of blood and we can test your dog and get results in 5 minutes. (Learn more on our Heartworm Prevention page.)
  • Leptospirosis: We do have a quick test to screen for Lepto where we can get results in 5 minutes. This is just a screening test, and sometimes more extensive testing is needed.
  • Stool Test for Parasites: This test can help identify Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, and Coccidia.
  • Urinalysis: Soon we will have the ability to do in house Progesterone testing.

Ultrasound: We have access to board-certified radiologists who will come see your pet at our hospital. They are the same radiologists that read our x-rays. We are proud to work with Dr. Kunze and Dr. Lo for our mobile ultrasounds. I have worked with them for several years so I have a working relationship with them to help figure out your pet’s needs. You can learn more about them by visiting their website. We also offer the following tests: doppler blood pressure, tonometry (glaucoma) screening, in-house coagulation tests (necessary for rattlesnake bites, toxin, and other emergencies), EKGs and cytology.

Clotting times: help with snakebite emergencies and other emergencies. We do have anti-venom in stock to treat snakebite cases. That same clotting machine also enables us to quickly assess and monitor dogs that have gotten into rat bait.

We are also set up to do blood transfusions for certain situations.

We cherish your pet as though they were family.


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