I’m generally not one to review as I’m sure everyone has their own opinion but I would be doing a disservice to folks seeking a vet and to Whitestone Veterinarian Hospital if I didn’t. What an informed and kind staff. My beloved poodle was attacked by two large dogs. Whitestone AH did everything they could to put Greta May back together.
When we needed them, they were there. I can’t say enough of doctor Walden and her staff. My undying gratitude and appreciation for Whitestone animal hospital.
Maggie C.

Dr. Walden and Jordan made the worst day in any pet parent’s life go as smoothly as possible. They worked us in same day with our very old cat and helped us say goodbye with compassion and understanding. Even given the sadness of the encounter, this was the best veterinary experience I have ever had. Care does not get any better than this.
Lee D.

Dr. Walden is the best! She is up to date on all current and best treatments. She is personable and genuinely cares for our dogs. We love her!
Wendy R.

I have been a client for 10 years, I will not trust my dogs to anyone else but Dr Walden. Dr Walden is one of the most conscientious, attention to detail veterinarians
that you will come across. You can see the passion that she has for animals.

I would highly recommend her to anyone, that had a dog or cat or any animal. You will not be disappointed and you will become a lifelong client like l have. Thank you

Larry R.

I have been a client of Dr. Walden for over 10 years. She is by far the best vet I have every taken my dogs to. She is kind, caring and compassionate. She has always taken her time with my dogs and I have never felt rushed or that my questions weren’t answered. She takes the time to get to know your animal as well as you and your family.

I highly recommend Dr. Walden to you and promise you will not be disappointed. You too will come to love her! 😀

Cathy S.

Hey, it’s Jake and Chief and we’re quick to report an excellent experience with Dr. Wendy and crew. Yes, it had been a while because we wandered off down the road to another vet for a bit, but, came back to Dr. Wendy as soon as she got her new place closer to our backyard. Thank you for you love, support, hugs, and truly great care. The parentals are a little on the overly-protective side but they’re also very happy with the attention to service we received. We’ll be back soon! Keep the cookie jar full 🙂 Jake 🙂 Chief
Jake & Chief

Dr Walden has a wonderful approach that includes honesty about options, pros and cons of each and collaboration with me to find the best possible outcomes for my pets. She’s cared for all of my pets for several years and helped us get three quality years with my kitty after a diagnosis of Lymphoma at age 11.
Jeanette C.

Dr. Walden has been our vet for many years. She has taken amazing care of all our Danes. One of the many things that sets Wendy apart from other vets that she genuinely cares about your pets, she has a special love for helping animals. One story that sticks out in my mind and always will is about one of our Danes, Ashley. Ashley had arthritis at an early age of 2, being an advocate of acupuncture we started taking Ashley to Wendy for her treatments. In a short time she was able to go upstairs without crying again. While Ashley wasn’t too keen on her first treatment she soon became to love her treatments. At the age of 4, Ashley got bone cancer. We continued her acupuncture treatments for pain. When it was her time to cross the rainbow bridge we took her to see Wendy. Unknowing to us, Wendy came into the room with her acupuncture needles…she knew how much Ashley grew to love her treatments and thought she should have one last treatment before crossing that bridge. That was very special to Ashley and us. She continues to show that love to all of our Danes to this day. For that, I highly recommend Wendy!
Congratulations on your own place! Looking forward to visiting when you open.

Lengthy I know, but wanted to share with anyone that may be looking for an awesome vet!

Lauree D.

We are super pleased with Dr Walden. She is a trusted, compassionate, knowledgeable steward of all animals. We couldn’t be happier.
Roxanne F.

Wendy is the best Vet. We’re waiting to see her for our check up…Love Chanel
Edith M.

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